Course Description

The most important step when beginning a project in Articulate Storyline is to assign your branding to backgrounds, text, buttons, captions, shapes and all the other amazing objects provided by Storyline for use in your presentations. Understanding how to assign theme colors will enable you to build your courses with elements automatically colored to your brand from the start.

Once you have created your color pallet, it is time to build a solid foundation of master slides complete with all the layouts you need designed to your brand specifications.

This course will take you through the following objectives:

  • Creating theme colors to assign throughout your entire presentation
  • Choosing a font family for headers and body text
  • Designing master slides and layout slides with placeholders for content
  • Setting default style preferences for slide objects
  • Assign the theme colors to the story player

Mark Hooper

CEO & Creative Director

Mark has close to 30 years of professional experience in the industry. The majority of this time he has served as managing director responsible for planning, developing and implementing state of the art interactive media solutions in both the private and public sectors. Educated in the fine arts, his major focus was graphic design but also excelled in photography, television production, theater and music.Based out of New York, Mark shares his wealth of design knowledge and experience in the E-Learning, Video, Audio and Interactive Media fields as a consultant and a instructor traveling globally and teaching online.Room 435 was started from Mark's passion that training should provide you with a resource that you can start using right away. In addition to training, Room 435 provides a studio full of media professionals producing content available to assist you in the development of your projects. Your Room! Your View!

Course curriculum

    1. Download Class Files

    2. Part 1 - The Default Colors of Objects and Text

    3. Part 2 - Prepare to Create Your Custom Theme Colors

    4. Your Lab - Create Your Custom Color Theme

    5. Part 3 - Apply Your Custom Theme Colors and Select a Background Option

    6. Comments and Questions

    1. Part 1: Create Amazing Backgrounds with Images and Gradients on Master Slides

    2. Part 2: Build Unique Title Slide Layouts and Standard Layout Slides

    3. Part 3: More Layouts Using Grids, Guides, and Rulers

    4. Part 4a: Adding More Master Slides and Building a Television

    5. Part 4b: Finish Your Television and Set Default Styles for Storyline Objects

    6. Your Lab - Design Slide Layouts and Set Object Preferences

    7. Comments and Questions

    1. Download Class Files

    2. Part 1: Breakdown of the Lab Results

    3. Part 2: The States of the Button

    4. Part 3: Editing the States of the Button

    5. Part 4: The Relationship Between the Player and the Feedback Masters

    6. Your 1st Lab - Experiment with Feedback Slides

    7. Part 5: Designing the Articulate Storyline Player

    8. Your 2nd Lab - Color the Player

    9. Comments and Questions

    1. Download Class Files

    2. Part 1: Breakdown of the Lab Results

    3. Part 2: Saving the Player Color Scheme

    4. Part 3: Saving and Sharing the Storyline Player

    5. Comments and Questions

    6. Your Lab - Reset the Player Glossary & Features (Optional)

    7. Part 4a: Saving and Sharing Custom Themes

    8. Part 4b: Customizing Your Published Presentation Background

    9. Part 4c: Eliminating the Player

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